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15 October 2023

Blu Mediterraneo

Dolce&Gabbana e Smeg ancora inseme.

3 October 2023

Tea: la nuova lampada Kartell.

La poesia dietro alla nuova lampada Kartell.

28 December 2019


BERKEL, MORE THAN A BRAND, A LIFESTYLE More than 120 years of history but the name Berkel is still synonymous with perfection, reliability and durability, all innovating year after year the design of its products for a higher level of efficiency. Berkel is excellence for all professionals in the sector but also for all enthusiasts […]

20 July 2019

Alessi Clutery

To create a perfect mise en place you have to take care of every detail in order to obtain a magnificent result. Along with plates and glasses, cutlery also plays a fundamental role. They are essential to define your taste. In the universe of cutlery you can happily lose yourself: from traditional cutlery sets to […]

3 July 2019


Much more than a simple appliance, Plissé is the new kettle by Alessi that is preparing to take a leading place in your kitchens. Its sculptural nature gives it a three-dimensional appearance, clearly reproducing the thick pleating that we are used to recognizing in haute couture dresses. Pleates have established itself for several seasons on the catwalks […]

28 June 2019

Italesse elegance

Today we want to talk to you about a very beautiful set of glasses with an excellent quality-price compromise. It is the Dixie Tumbler glass by Italesse, in transparent pressed glass, which, thanks to the decorative motif on the surface, is able to create a beautiful effect, especially when used under the table light. . . It […]

19 June 2019

Pots and pans

Today we talk about pots! To make good dishes it is essential to have good pots. When it comes to quality, Alessi cannot help but come to mind. A reference brand that, over the years, has been able to combine quality materials with original and extremely pleasing designs, so buying products from this company will […]

6 June 2019

Teh perfect wardrobe

Order is not only important on an aesthetic level, but it allows you to save time and, above all, space! If you are looking for valid solutions to organize your home, first of all you need to stock up on containers. Baskets, boxes and organizers are available in different materials and sizes just to be […]

29 May 2019

Un design senza tempo

Dishes are not just containers for food but much more, they are an integral part of the art of tastefully arranging food. The table’s mise en place should never be left to chance, especially if you wait for dinner guests and want to convey taste, attention and personality. In fact a dish service tells a […]

10 May 2019

Fiori artificiali

Having fresh flowers at home is always a pleasure. These, in fact, not only make your home elegant but also perfume the environment and, with that touch of color, make every room in which they are lived appear. However, it is not always possible to have fresh flowers as these last a few days and […]

27 April 2019

Il portabiancheria N°1

Spacious, well furnished, welcoming, but above all neat, clean and with a great fragrance: is this the home of your dreams? In short, a place to live everyday life in a relaxed way and always feel at peace with oneself. The laundry baskets without a shadow of a doubt contribute to keeping everything in perfect […]

15 April 2019

Arte plastica: Kartell

In 1949 Giulio Castelli founded the Kartell brand in Milan. No risk, no fun: this was the motto of the chemical engineer when, in the sixties, he began to venture into the world of an unusual material that still today is the distinctive mark of the brand: the plastic! . To date, Kartell is considered […]

8 April 2019

I fiori sono sbocciati, ma non solo nei prati!

The flowers have blossomed, but not only in the meadows: like small fireworks they make their show even on the clothes of the new collection!  The petals with their leaves are in fact the real protagonists even in fashion in the spring: they are loved by many designers for their ability to infuse colors and […]

13 March 2019

Made in Italy per la tua casa

Sleeping well is important, as is dreaming! Resting is good for both mind and body to find balance and inner peace. To sleep well, scientific studies have shown that the choice of materials is fundamental. Letting yourself be enveloped in quality fabrics will help you enjoy even more peaceful nights. Speaking of quality I cannot […]

9 March 2019

Casa dolce casa

After intense days of work, the weekend finally arrives and I can relax at home reading a good book and listening to some excellent music. Often the weekend is also an opportunity to receive some visits from friends and for this I do not want to sacrifice my look too much. In fact, I always choose […]

25 February 2019

Keep Calm…

Today induction cooking solutions are increasingly common, thanks to the currents generated in the metal of the pot, coffee pot and much more. Precisely for this reason it is necessary our object to be made of the appropriate material. Do not worry, the search is not so difficult! Nowadays there is a lot of choice in […]

18 July 2018

Kartell – Design Made in Italy

. KARTELL: Made in Italy Design Kartell, a leader in the design field, is today one of the Companies symbol of the Made in Italy profjects. A story that tells about an incredible success through a series of products that have now become part of the domestic landscape, if not true icons of the contemporary […]

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