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Made in Italy per la tua casa

Sleeping well is important, as is dreaming! Resting is good for both mind and body to find balance and inner peace. To sleep well, scientific studies have shown that the choice of materials is fundamental.

Letting yourself be enveloped in quality fabrics will help you enjoy even more peaceful nights.

Speaking of quality I cannot fail to mention Signoria Firenze: a historic company of the Florentine tradition specializing in the production of household linen. It was born in 1930 proposing a production of handmade embroidery. Passion, quality, exclusive design have led this company to grow more and more over the years.

In the 1980s the Signoria Firenze brand began to expand in international markets without ever compromising Made in Italy quality, everything is exclusively designed, cut, sewn and packaged in Tuscany. In the 1990s the expansion began and it was worldwide. The products offered by the company mainly concern three categories: bed, bathroom and table. Today I wanted to linger on the bed showing you this suit that left me speechless! Not only for the beauty of the print, but above all for the softness and quality of the fabric.

I chose the Kalos model: a set and bedspread where the protagonist is the Calla flower, also called Lily of the Nile, which commonly represents candor and purity. Signoria Firenze has revived the beauty of this flower and exalted it with the use of precious Egyptian cotton satin fabrics. A quality all Made in Italy.

It only remains for me to wish sweet dreams to all of you!

The right bedsheets to continue dreaming on.

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