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Alessi Clutery

To create a perfect mise en place you have to take care of every detail in order to obtain a magnificent result. Along with plates and glasses, cutlery also plays a fundamental role. They are essential to define your taste.

In the universe of cutlery you can happily lose yourself: from traditional cutlery sets to those with particular shapes. In any case, the cutlery set consists mainly of three elements: forks, knives and spoons of different sizes based on their use.

Today you can find many forms and lots of colors on the market but surely a steel cutlery service is an evergreen that everyone must have because they adapt to all styles and all occasions! And, when we talk about evergreens, we can’t help but think of Alessi’s cutlery.

Today we send a few more words on the Mami line, perhaps one of the most famous. Designed by designer Stefano Giovannoni, Mami cutlery is a hymn to soft and rounded shapes. Made of polished 18/10 stainless steel, Mami cutlery has smooth surfaces and ergonomic handles that make them handy and practical to use.

The soft shapes of the Mami cutlery make them suitable for approaching both porcelain with an equally sinuous design, and services with drier and minimal lines.

In our online shop you will find them at a very attractive price. We are waiting for you!

When cutlery becomes an artwork.

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