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Keep Calm…

Today induction cooking solutions are increasingly common, thanks to the currents generated in the metal of the pot, coffee pot and much more. Precisely for this reason it is necessary our object to be made of the appropriate material.

Do not worry, the search is not so difficult! Nowadays there is a lot of choice in circulation and, in any case, it is always specified on the packaging. A note should be made on the coffee makers: these are easy to find, however the smaller size is that of 3 cups, this because the bottom of the coffee maker to activate the plan must have a sufficiently large base. In this post I will introduce two coffee makers who have solved the problem thanks to a reducer present in the area where the coffee should be placed, thus obtaining the size 1 cup. A detail that should not be underestimated.

Let’s start from the mocha with a capital M.

A cult object in the history of design: the 9090 by Alessi signed by Sapper. It is a project of 1978 and is the first espresso coffee maker by Alessi, awarded in 1979 with the Compasso d’Oro and the first Alessi object to enter the Permanent Design Collection of the MOMA in New York. A significant example of Design Object in the category of accessories closely linked to the world of food.

In the following picture the simple system thanks to which the 3 cups mocha is turned into a 1 cup coffee pot, for your relaxing moments.

The Alessi coffeepot is made entirely of polished 18/10 stainless steel on the outside and glazed inside. It is original not only for its particular truncated conical shape, but also for some functional innovations, such as the widened base that allows you to use the most of the heat, the drip spout and the lever closure that allows you to open the coffee pot with a simple gesture of the hand. All these details make it the most popular coffee maker, so that it can be brought directly to the table to serve coffee.

The other model of which I wanted to talk, also with the particularity of the reduction, is Tua by Carlo Giannini.

A model certainly more recent ,indeed born in 2015. It is a coffee pot with a steel body and a sleeve available in different colors; as for the 9090 by Alessi, also the mocha Tua by Giannini, 3 cups, can easily be transformed into a mocha for 1 person for your induction hob simply by turning the coffee container inside.

You just have to choose the color you prefer: from the Italian or English national flags to more feminine colors, passing through the flowers of spring. What impressed us the most? The one that sais: “KEEP CALM AND DRINK AN ITALIAN COFFEE” … Holy words!

…And drink Italian Coffee! If you’re looking for the right mocha, read this!

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