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Casa dolce casa

After intense days of work, the weekend finally arrives and I can relax at home reading a good book and listening to some excellent music.

Often the weekend is also an opportunity to receive some visits from friends and for this I do not want to sacrifice my look too much. In fact, I always choose an informal home-made clothing, comfortable but not for this reason cured: today I wanted to wear the soft Emporio Armani jeans, which allow a wide movement and remain one of my favorite garments for their versatility.

I matched them with an always-Armani top and a Champion sports sweatshirt, perfect to keep me warm on these cold winter days.

But I can not miss a curious item in my look: the real gem of which I wanted to talk to you are in fact shoes. Adidas wanted to create a limited edition of her Stan Smith, collaborating with the artist Valerik: customized, the timeless sneakers take the true streetwear touch that makes them unique.

17 unmissable models, of which I chose the “Japan” version captured by the colors of the hand-painted shapes.

The creativity of these designs is contagious… Now I take my new Moleskine and I give vent to my imagination!

How to choose comfort without sacrificing the look

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