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Arte plastica: Kartell

In 1949 Giulio Castelli founded the Kartell brand in Milan. No risk, no fun: this was the motto of the chemical engineer when, in the sixties, he began to venture into the world of an unusual material that still today is the distinctive mark of the brand: the plastic!


To date, Kartell is considered one of the leading companies in the production of furniture in this material. The extraordinary polycarbonate creations have made Kartell famous all over the world.

Their products are divided into: furniture, accessories, vases and lamps.

Today we focus on the latter and mainly on the models: Bourgie and Battery.


Bourgie is undoubtedly a lamp with an unmistakable style, a true best-seller by Kartell. It is a piece that combines classicism, richness and tradition with innovation and irony. A lamp that thanks to its shapes, to the large pleated hat, creates a game of a thousand reflections. Moreover, thanks to a special fixing system of the lampshade, the light can be adjusted to three heights: 68 cm, 73 cm and 78 cm, depending on how it is to be used and the light to be obtained.


Next to the classic versions: transparent, black, gold, silver and white / gold, Kartell has proposed new ones in a multi-colored version.

Another masterpiece is undoubtedly the Battery, whose great innovation is the fact that it is 100% rechargeable via a simple electric plug and can live up to 8 hours. This allows it to be easily moved anywhere.


Another feature that makes the Battery unique is the faceted surface of the lampshade as it is able to offer enchanting plays of light. It is one of those Kartell products where transparency is the strength to get noticed.



These models, like all Kartell products, have an aesthetic that adapts to many furnishing styles: from classic to modern, to shabby, etc. I consider them to be among the most versatile accessories on the market. Not for nothing almost in every house there is always a Kartell element. Haven’t you got it yet? The time has come to give you a gift! # Kartellisforever ❤️

 No risk, no fun!

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