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Il portabiancheria N°1

Spacious, well furnished, welcoming, but above all neat, clean and with a great fragrance: is this the home of your dreams? In short, a place to live everyday life in a relaxed way and always feel at peace with oneself. The laundry baskets without a shadow of a doubt contribute to keeping everything in perfect condition and complete the furnishing with taste and style.

But which one to choose? There’s something for every taste: from the classic rattan, to the more modern and linear ones. Today I want to present you an original but at the same time very elegant laundry basket. The brand is Andrea House.

It is characterized by the weaving in polypropylene fabric that makes it truly special and long-lasting. It is also equipped with a lid, an essential element where the laundry basket is in sight!

These baskets can be found in the following shades: white, anthracite gray and beige; are available are 3 different sizes:

33x42x24cm 39x46x29cm 44x52x35cm

Next to the laundry basket line we find that of the accessories. They are rectangular containers, available in the 3 colors of the baskets, comfortable for various uses: from the wash-basin holder, to the product holder, to the hairdryer, etc. They are essential to maintaining order and very nice to furnish our room as well as possible.

The combination with the laundry basket is beautiful to maintain the continuity between the various elements.

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