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Pots and pans

Today we talk about pots! To make good dishes it is essential to have good pots. When it comes to quality, Alessi cannot help but come to mind. A reference brand that, over the years, has been able to combine quality materials with original and extremely pleasing designs, so buying products from this company will hardly leave you unsatisfied. Of course, these are not objects sold at low cost, but never as in this case creativity and quality deserve an outlay of a few tens of euros more.

One of the most famous sets is certainly the Mami collection designed by designer Stefano Giovannoni. A battery where design has conquered anyone who has had the opportunity to try them, are a hymn to the soft and pot-bellied shapes of traditional Italian utensils. The Mami series consists of all the elements necessary to create delicacies of all kinds, just like in the kitchens of the mothers of the past. In fact, the line consists of large pots, casseroles and pans of different sizes. It is a battery of pots made up of seven pieces: a pot with a diameter of 20 centimeters and a lid, a 20 centimeters casserole with two handles, a 24 centimeters pan with two handles and a lid and a 14 centimeter casserole with a handle and cover.

The Mami line is made entirely of stainless steel to guarantee durability and high level performance. But is it also good for induction plans? Sure! Thanks to the magnetic bottom, Mami cookware is suitable for any heat source.

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To make special dishes you need special pots!

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