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Much more than a simple appliance, Plissé is the new kettle by Alessi that is preparing to take a leading place in your kitchens.

Its sculptural nature gives it a three-dimensional appearance, clearly reproducing the thick pleating that we are used to recognizing in haute couture dresses. Pleates have established itself for several seasons on the catwalks of fashion, giving volume and movement to skirts and dresses with a decidedly feminine and refined allure. What better inspiration then if not this one?

Designed by Michele Lucchi, Plissé has a capacity of 1.7 liters and is made of thermoplastic resin in different colors: white, black, gray and red. No detail is left to chance; for example the very pronounced beak serves to pour the drinks into the cups at best without unwanted drops.

Don’t forget that the same artist gave life to the famous coffee maker Pulcina, another design object in which not only the architect’s education as well as his passions for craftsmanship and sculpture clearly emerge.

In preview we can also announce you a novelty in Alessi’s house and obviously in Arteni’s house: Plissé from September will be available in a smaller format, 1 liter, to meet the needs and uses of the modern public.

If you want to book in advance your new 1l Plissè kettle, please contact us at

The new kettle by Alessi: with its glamour between fashion and design.

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