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Teh perfect wardrobe

Order is not only important on an aesthetic level, but it allows you to save time and, above all, space!

If you are looking for valid solutions to organize your home, first of all you need to stock up on containers. Baskets, boxes and organizers are available in different materials and sizes just to be used in a multi-functional way.

In a post a few weeks ago, we introduced you a really nice, original and elegant laundry basket. The brand is Andrea House, surely you remember it. Did you know that in addition to the big size there are two smaller ones available? They are ideal to use just like containers! The aesthetics are very versatile so they adapt to all the rooms: from the bathroom, to the bedroom, to the playroom.

What to put in it? A few ideas: scarves, hair dryers with accessories, costumes, children’s toys, second basket for dirty laundry dedicated to delicate items or even socks. In short, the uses are truly manifold. In the photo it was used inside the wardrobe in combination with the basket, which is also available in several sizes. For all sizes, the available shades are: white, anthracite gray and beige.

What else to say, all you have to do is go to our e-shop and put the various baskets / baskets in your cart to better organize your home.


How to put order into your wardrobe with out little tips!

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