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28 May 2021

Outfit? Sì, con Outfit!

Ispirati dal sole e dalla qualità Made in Italy del marchio Outfit, ecco il nostro look di oggi!

21 May 2021

L’outfit di Sara

L’outfit di Sara: scoprite come abbinare il pantalone baloon!

11 December 2019

After Label

The name “afterlabel” manifests the values ​​and aspirations of the brand: it literally means “after, beyond the brand” in fact afterlabel focuses on the customer’s experience and its individuality. Inspired by global contemporary urban trends, the first afterlabel collection absorbed and innovated characters, wearability and colors. The result is the collection that we present to […]

26 July 2019

Roar Animalier!

From the leopard print to the tiger print, each garment is welcome to be worn with the pride conferred by the most admired wild beasts. A fashion flag, that of the animal print that, we must admit, we also love waving. Irreverent, the animal once again conquers summer fashion, never abandoning its place in the forefront […]

19 July 2019

Flip flops mania

In summer they come back, there are those who hate them and those who love them. We are talking about the flip-flops that, now invented 50 years ago, have returned to a great trend in this spring/summer 2019, although they are still undervalued by many. Think that Americans spend 2.6 billion dollars on flip-flops and wear […]

14 May 2019

Vestita di luce

Although they give a modern, super fresh and fashionable look, the sequins are not a contemporary fashion intuition. In fact, it seems that the oldest finds that came to us with precious sparkling metal disks were made for the first time on Tutankhamun’s clothes. For this reason they immediately represented a symbol of wealth and […]

14 May 2019

La coppia di stagione

The athleisure returns to amaze us with its latest proposals. Being elegant, even with sneakers? It looks like a gamble and instead it is not: sneakers have officially become part of elegant clothing. The athleisure, after having conquered its place in formal clothing, now advances its claims even in elegant outfits, thanks to increasingly sophisticated […]

24 April 2019

L’espressione del tailleur

Have you ever wondered what the word tailleur means? The timeless elegance of this ensemble has always aroused great admiration on the part of the public, because it has been able to inspire since its inception not only designers from around the world, but also entire currents of thought. It is in fact born by […]

19 March 2019

Il chiodo fisso

Today I wanted to give vent to my aggressive soul, my being tenacious and combative. I did it through the look I chose from Arteni: strong and decisive, but that certainly does not neglect my being a woman. I was immediately captured in the shop by Armani’s beautiful leather jacket. This garment, which thanks to […]

1 March 2019

Le tavolozze della primavera

Spring is peeping and its return is not only awakening the nature, but also its colors that end up gently dyeing our clothes. These become more and more luminous, even if it is too early to see them saturated: it is officially the moment of pastel colors that embody the soft and delicate spring spirit. […]

19 February 2019

Tuta? Si, ma fashion!!

In this combination of sweatshirts and sweatpants, our Allegra, participating in the women like us section, shows you the wearability of these garments in the new collection. The t-shirt is enriched by the ERMANNO embroidery on the front, with a flap on the sleeves that makes the look even more gritty and original. The trousers, […]

8 February 2019

Tema sposo: accessori

We know: many of you when they read “lavallière” have commented: what?!? Sorry for the French language, now we come back to us and try to understand something more about the groom’s suit and the choice of the accessory to match with it. Over the years men’s accessories changed a lot, becoming less formal and traditional, even […]

23 January 2019

Levi’s: tra icona e stile

Levi’s jeans represent an undisputed icon of contemporary Western culture, a point of reference for all casual fashion. This does not mean that they have ceased to evolve over time: the physical activity and the ever more pressing rhythms of life are always making new demands on the clothing industry. Levi’s beloved for the ability […]

2 January 2019

I classici di stagione

One of the most fascinating things of classical garments is that they never stop expressing what they have to say. Their strength is based on the design and the materials chosen, that have been able to make the history of fashion: timeless and always in fashion, they are able to survive to seasons and trends. Among these […]

20 December 2018

Come vestirsi a Natale?

Just 5 days to Christmas and the dilemma on what to wear is always there? No problem! Here are some outfit for this Christmas, taking inspiration from the most popular looks according to the latest fashion trends! How to dress at Christmas 2018. Identifying the right look for Christmas is not always easy, because we would like to be […]

11 December 2018

Zaini: il must dell’inverno!

They were born to give us unforgettable experiences in the mountains as trusted companions of our every adventure, now the backpacks have finally been cleared and in the city everyone now has them. Big, small, extra small, or simply as a style accessory, the backpack is increasingly gaining a dimension in everyone’s life. In the […]

11 December 2018

Gli anni ’90 oggi

The nostalgia that pervades the clothing market in recent years is a feeling that continues to generate value in the fashion industry, especially for some brands that seemed to be forgotten. . . If we look at the 90s, we can definitely consider them the golden age of sportswear and of the passion for comfortable, sporty and […]

16 November 2018

L’ascesa dello streetwear

It is now difficult to keep up with the trends dictated by fashion that every year offer completely new products and revisited making us bewildered for a short time. What is constantly stating is the Streetwear style, difficult to define in technical terms because each person can readjust and widen the boundaries; but we try […]

29 August 2018

Donne come noi 1

A column born from the desire to play with fashion together with, as the title, women like us. Beautiful and wonderful women, our customers, to whom all our work is addressed. The first with which we open this column is Anna, a woman and a mother, an entrepreneur who followed the opening of 3 Curves […]

22 August 2018

Il tailleur: tinta unita o stampato?

If there’s one thing that fashion has clearly shown us over the years, it’s that a suit will never go out of fashion! Whether you have to run from one office to another for work or have an evening appointment, be sure that fashion can also change the cut of the trousers or the jacket, […]

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