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Tempra, by Lagostina

We wonder… Did ever happen to you too that you find yourself in front of a wall full of many pans, one more beautiful than the other, without knowing which one to choose?

It happened to me just while I was shopping in our home department… Between Alessi, Lagostina and many other brands, I felt confused!

Then the promotion on Tempra collection caught my attention, so I stopped to investigate together with Antonella, my colleague from the home department, who patiently explained to me why it was an excellent choice and above all an excellent opportunity in therms of quality and price.

We started with an aspect that in 2021 we cannot underestimate: the Ecolabel certification. What does it mean? That these pans were created in full respect of man and the environment, without the use of PFOA, cadmium and lead. Not having the necessary skills I will not dwell on PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid; I’ll just say that by investigating the meaning of these 4 letters, I appreciated the choice made at Lagostina. 

Already at this point I could have made my choice, but no: as a good meticulous customer I continued to ask my colleague: “Does it go in the dishwasher? Because I don’t wash by hand!” “Is it suitable for induction? Because I have that at home!” “But can I put it in the oven if I want to finish cooking one evening without dirtying three hundred and fifty thousand different things?!” The answer has always been yes.

Ready to go out with my new pan, I was just evaluating the right size, Antonella pulls out her final attack: “You know they have the TitaniumExtremeNon-stickCoating (I’m pretty sure she said it like this, without pauses and without spaces on the middle, on purpose!) which lasts up to 6 times longer than a traditional coating and has a reinforced hardbase in anti-abrasion titanium ?!

How do you think it ended?! That I suddenly realized that the size of the pans… I needed them both!

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