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Kartell – Design Made in Italy


KARTELL: Made in Italy Design

Kartell, a leader in the design field, is today one of the Companies symbol of the Made in Italy profjects. A story that tells about an incredible success through a series of products that have now become part of the domestic landscape, if not true icons of the contemporary design.

The success is also due to the collaboration with the most prestigious international designers. The collection is not only extremely charming, it also has a considerable visual impact; it’s multifunctional and transversal, easy to use. You will find in it irony, senses stimolation, transparency effects and unique shapes for unique items: a Kartell item is instantly recognizable around the world for the emotions that transmits and its unrivaled quality.

Firmly and keenly at the head of Kartell we find Claudio Lusi, that arrives in the design field after the experience in fashion. His attraction to innovation and challenge have seen him exloring new market segments such tableware, fashion accessories and fragrances. 



In this picture above: our Arteni Tavagnacco shop, in Udine




In the picture above: KABUKI – Design: Ferruccio Laviani – A unique lamp, which immediately attracts attention in any room of the home you will decide to put it. It ‘made with injection method and sophisticated technology, thanks to which the textured structure brings to mind the lace. Available in two colors, crystal (transparent) and white, with his height and refinement will complete a living room, a bedroom or an area that it’s a long time you are looking for the right inspiration to complete it.

The use of plastic materials is a source of constant evolution and experimentation thanks to new technologies and processes, in order to obtain fundamental innovation which Kartell pursues both as regards the functional performance and the aesthetic qualities of the product. It is just this inclination to research that has led to the plastic glazing, transparency, flexibility, weather resistance, softness and especially also the amazing and special colors. All this turns the plastic from a  merely functional product to a real luxury item.

Pictured below: TAJ – Design: Ferruccio Laviani – Not just a lamp, but rather a light sculpture that decorates a table or desk exiting completely from the classic stereotype of table lamps. Taj is articulated, mechanized, with a simple shape, functional at the same time to the reason for which it was created. It uses LED technology to optimize and minimize the light source. The colors available are 3: Crystal (clear), black, grey and red, and there are 2 sizes: Mini Taj and Taj.






In the picture above: BATTERY – Design: Ferruccio Laviani – Here is the iconic lamp with small dimensions, made of transparent PMMA. The real innovation lies in the fact that it is a 100% rechargeable lamp thanks to a simple electric plug. It has a range of 8 hours, which allows you to move it easily around the home as you prefer. The faceted “hat” offers spectacular light effects that fascinate at first sight.

In the photo above: LIGHT-AIR – The excellence illusionist table lamp, with its suspended light escapes the law of gravity. An essential design, modern at the same time, that produces a magical atmosphere in your environment. The transparent or colored rectangular frame houses inside a conical reflector. There are two versions of this lamp, which have different workings of the hat. In fact crystal coloring has, inside the “hat”, pleated in a different way from the other colors, a beige layer that warms the light widespread.

As is evident in these photographs, innovation in Kartell products is always pushed to extremes, allowing designers to express their creativiity to the fullest and give life to real “industrial revolution” in our domestic landscape.

All Kartell products are certified products; the production is followed at every stage from the company that ensures adequate technical and technological quality, combining perfectly the needs and expectations of the consumers with the industrial processes used.



Kartell: a story about the tradition and the projects Made in Italy.

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