We are a team that offers you online a selection of the best men's and women's fashion products. Currently our proposals are presented on two sites: www.arteni.it and www.be-unique.it.

The first is a wide look at the collections of over 300 brands including women's, men's, children's, home and sport apparel, reflecting the work of a family, the Arteni family, which has been managing 12 shops for over 50 years together with the valuable experience of over 200 employees.

The second is a more selected clothing and accessories mix that reflects the taste and style of a single boutique, BeUnique Fashion Store, located in the heart of Cividale and managed by Mirko and Letizia, who joined the Arteni Group.


Fashion, detail research and Italian tailoring are combined with the values ​​of the Friulian tradition, made of great honesty and transparency, dedication and culture of work, attention to the customer. Even in our online store we pour the same experiences, attention that you find in our stores from the late 60s in a small village shop until the recent openings and the third, current generation of the family. Emblematic words of Gianni Arteni, founder, who depict the enthusiasm and highlight the humanity:

"I like the same things in the past as in this job: contact with people, the pleasure of shaking hands with customers and simply talking about time and health with them."

Gianni Arteni


Milan, Paris, Florence, London, Berlin and Amsterdam are just some of the destinations where our buyers go to select, for each season, the trends and the items to be offered. Everything you see on our website is photographed and described by us, so that you can count on a faithful representation of the product. In addition, we rely on the experience and know-how of our colleagues who, every day, treat the proposed products; this allows us to enrich the product sheets with nuances and details that would otherwise not be noticed.


Our choice was to create a direct line with the customer, responding personally without the use of secretariats or call-centers, 7 days a week, to the toll-free number 800161816, to e-mails on [email protected] or on social networks Facebook and Instagram .



In 1961 Gianni Arteni, encouraged by his sister Nella, a tailor and stylist, opened a small shop for fabrics, clothing and haberdashery at Feletto Umberto, a town just outside Udine. Over the years, this shop is transformed and expanded to become a reference point still present.


The 80s saw the transformation of the company from a family member to a joint-stock company, with the importation of Arteni2 Casa and Sport in Tavagnacco, counting on the strength of 250 employees. At the helm, next to Gianni, his wife Adriana, his brother Sergio with his wife Luciana, together with the second generation Cristina, Tiziana and Matteo.

The name Arteni also supports the main sports clubs in the area and organizes fashion shows presented by famous personalities from the entertainment world such as Mike Bongiorno, Corrado and Milli Carlucci.


The 2000s saw the opening of several stores, today 12, and above all the expansion and constant renewal of the main ARTENI store in Tavagnacco, with a current surface of 20.000sqm, 200 collaborators between buyers, sales people, seamstresses and warehousemen. The challenge continues with the third generation of the Arteni family and the choice to bring our reality and experience also online with the birth of www.arteni.it