Terms and conditions of use

"Arteni" and "BeUnique" shall mean the company Arteni S.p.A., with registered office in 33010 Tavagnacco (UD), via Nazionale 135 (VAT Reg. no. 02367870306).

"Site" shall mean the website www.arteni.it managed by the company Arteni S.p.A. and registered to it.

"User" or "You" shall mean any visitor and/or user of the Site. 

"Contents" are the contents offered to the User through the Site or specific sections of the Site.

This agreement contains the terms and conditions relevant to the use of the Site and to the services and products made available through the Site. 

These terms and conditions regulate the liabilities of the User and, together with other aspects, the limitations of liability of Arteni. Before using the Site, please read this agreement carefully and in full. 

By accessing any part or section of the site, the user accepts to be bound by the following terms and conditions and undertakes to conform to them.

If you do not agree with any of the conditions reported in this agreement, please do not use the Site.

Validity of the terms and conditions of use

These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between You and Arteni with regard to your use of the Site and they replace any previous agreement or representation.

Arteni reserves the right, at its complete discretion, to change these terms and conditions, or part thereof, at any time. The new terms and conditions will be made known through the Site and will be valid and enforceable from the moment that they are published on the Site.

The use of the Site by the User shall be subject to the terms and conditions as published on the Site at the time of use of the same. 

Contents and Products of the Site 

Arteni will take all endeavors to ensure that no contents be published in its Site, which represent or describe scenes or situations of physical and/or psychological violence, or such that, according to the sensitivity of the Users of arteni.it, may be held to breach human rights and the dignity of human person in all forms and/or expressions.

The Site may be accessed by Users from all over the world and the Site may contain references to products and services which are not available or are prohibited in the country in which the User resides. The existence of such references does not mean that Arteni intends to make such products and services available in the country of the User, or that such products and services may be legally used in the country of the User. 

Arteni reserves the right, without any prior notice, to no longer make available certain products or services or to change their features at any time and without any prior notice or other obligations. 

Any image, picture, representation and/or information in the Site must be intended to be merely indicative and/or illustrative. Arteni adopts techniques aimed at ensuring that the pictures shown on the Sites be faithful reproductions of the original products, and it adopts all possible technological solutions to minimize imprecisions. In any event, there can always be a variation (in color, for instance) in the visualization of the product image, compared to the product itself. Such variation may be due to various reasons, relevant, for instance, to the technical and/or technological features related to the technological device used for browsing the Site. Consequently, Arteni cannot be held liable for any inadequacy of the graphic representation of products displayed on the Sites that is due to the mentioned technical reasons.

Intellectual property rights

The User acknowledges that all and any materials on the Site (including, without limitation: information, data, software, photographs, charts, videos, graphics, music, sounds, images, pictures, drawings, icons, texts) are protected by the copyright and by the laws on intellectual property. Such materials are the exclusive property of Arteni S.p.A. and/or of third parties, granted in use to Arteni S.p.A..

Duplication, reproduction, even partial, downloading, saving, publication or diffusion with any means whatsoever, and more generally, any deed of disposal and/or use of information or materials coming from this Site, in all forms, through media and technologies, either existing now or that may be developed in the future, are forbidden, unless expressly indicated otherwise.


Arteni and BeUnique are registered figurative and word trademark owned by Arteni S.p.A., like all logos used within the Site and registered as trademarks by Arteni S.p.A.. Trademarks and logos of third parties that are in the Site are the exclusive property of their respective owners and are used within the Site arteni.it and be-unique.it, for the only purpose of identifying, describing and advertising the products sold on the Site. Use and reproduction of such trademarks and logos in any form and way is forbidden.

Permitted use

Users may only use the Site for lawful activities and may not use the Site for any speculative or fraudulent activity. It is expressly forbidden to use any part or section of the Site, or the information or materials that are on the Site, for commercial or advertising activities of any nature whatsoever, unless an express authorization is given in writing by Arteni S.p.A.. Any User who carries out fraudulent and/or illegal and/or unlawful actions will be prosecuted pursuant to the applicable laws.


The User expressly declares that the use of the Site is at his/her exclusive risk.

No warranty is provided with regard to: (1) the use of this Site being exempt from errors; (2) the results that can be obtained by using this Site, or (3) the accuracy, reliability or quality of any contents relevant to information, services, advice, products supplied or made available through this Site. 

General limitation of liability

The information, software and services included or made available through the Site may contain inaccuracies or mistakes.

The information contained in the Site is subject to periodical changes. Arteni and/or its respective suppliers can bring improvements and/or changes to the Site and/or to the services offered at any time.

Arteni and/or its respective suppliers do not issue any warranty or representation relevant to the suitability, reliability, availability, absence of viruses or other malware liable to cause damages, accuracy of the information, of the software, of the services and of the relevant graphics contained in the Site or in the services offered in relation to any purpose whatsoever.

In no event Arteni and/or its suppliers may be held liable for direct, indirect, moral, incidental, special or consequential damages or damages of any other nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, damages due to loss of use, data or profits, resulting from (or however in connection with) the use or implementation of the site or of any services therein, delay or impossibility to use the Site or the relevant services, supply of or failure to supply the services, or any information, software, service and the relevant graphics, obtained through the Site. 

Arteni may never and in no way be held liable for any damages or injuries, losses or non-compliances caused by services or sections of the site, which it does not manage directly.

In no event Arteni and its collaborators will be liable for any injury, loss or direct or indirect damage of any nature whatsoever, even though arising from a contract or a tort, or related in any way to a use of the Site which is not in line with these terms and conditions, even though Arteni may have been informed that such damages might occur. 

If, notwithstanding the above, Arteni is held liable for a damage or loss relevant to the use of this site, the User accepts and acknowledges that the liability of Arteni cannot, in any event, exceed that cost (possibly) incurred by the User for the use of the Site. 

Every User who uses this Site on behalf of or upon an assignment by a Third Party agrees to indemnify and hold Arteni harmless from any liability for losses, damages, actions and claims (including legal costs) relevant to the Third Party, or to any breach of the User regarding the obligations as described above. 


The Site may contain references to products and services supplied by third parties or links to websites of third parties who are not associated with arteni.it or with Arteni S.p.A. in any way. Arteni does not warrant and does not accept any liability for the contents and information provided by such third parties, their completeness or accuracy, nor for the contents of the websites of such third parties.

The connection of other websites through hyperlinks to its home page can be made further to a request previously sent to the following email address: webinfo@arteni.it. Arteni reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse the authorization to create the link when the connection might represent, in any way, a damage of any nature whatsoever for Arteni. It is expressly forbidden to use techniques and/or practices aimed at preventing the acknowledgement of authorship of the contents (framing), and in any event, so-called deep links and/or all unauthorized use of meta-tags are forbidden.

Protection of confidentiality

Please read carefully the Privacy Policy, which applies in the case that the User should access arteni.it and use the relevant services. The Privacy Policy helps the User understand how Arteni collects and uses the personal data of the same User, and for what purposes. 

Reports and complaints

Arteni agrees, further to a request stating valid reasons and sent to the email address indicated below, to timely remove any materials existing on the Site which may result to be the property of third parties, other than the party indicated as the author of the material or editor of the Site section, who may have a lawful claim to the material itself or to its contents. It also agrees to remove such materials if they breach any legally protected interest or right. For any report, complaint or information the User should please write to the following email address:

E-mail: webinfo@arteni.it

Termination of the service

Arteni may terminate or suspend the access of the user to all or part of this site at any time, with no prior notice and at its sole discretion.