FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and account

How do I register?

You will find the registration link in top-right of the header, or otherwise please click here. It is necessary to enter a valid email address and click on the link in the registration confirmation email to activate your account and then proceed to your purchases every time in all comfort.

Do I need to be registered in order to make a purchase?

You can proceed to the checkout even without registration, the system will automatically prompt you to register and provide your shipment details before payment.

I cannot access my account.

If you have forgotten your password, there is a recovery procedure, by clicking on the relevant link in the login page or by clicking here. Otherwise, please contact our web office at webinfo@arteni.it.


Da dove spedite?

We ship from our registered office in Udine (Italy).

Can I select a date and time for the delivery?

Unfortunately not, but you can try to contact directly the courier.

Can I come and collect my order at the store?

Of course! You can collect your order at the points of sale in Udine and its province, please indicate the one nearest to you in the relevant box when completing your purchase.

Why haven’t I received my order yet?

It takes one or two more days to receive your order in islands or places that are far away from towns. Shipments might be affected in case of orders placed close to the main holidays. Each order is shipped by express courier services with online tracking, which permits to track your parcel at any time. If you have already received the shipment confirmation email, please contact the courier, otherwise send an email to servizioclienti@arteni.it specifying the number of your order.


Why am I unable to make the payment of the order?

If you are paying by credit card, check that you have correctly entered the details of your card. If, on the other hand, you are using a prepaid card, check that it contains the amount of the order.

Can I also get the invoice in paper format?

Yes, please specify your request in the relevant box for communications before the purchase. You will find the paper invoice inside the order.


How can I return one or more products?

Please read our detailed return service guide. You will find all information you need.