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Il denim si fa donna!

Thanks to this fresh spring breeze my inspiration came, directly from the Seventies.

When we think of jeans, trousers and jackets always come to mind, but do you remember denim dresses, among the most capable of playing with the silhouette? This look is the true homage to these years that have given, among many things, a lot of tendencies to the clothing industry: in particular with the summer, iconic garments that are about to go out come to mind (and on the body) fifty candles, especially because they are still able to highlight and enhance the female body.

Before the 1970s, blue jeans were mainly considered work clothes: they were worn mainly for gardening. Never would it have been thought that they would be used for shopping and performing any social function. Without a real reason, the denim then made its way into other new environments, advancing its request to become a viable alternative to wear for all occasions. Suddenly he won the “fashionable” label, as shown by numerous commercials of those years, in particular those by Levi’s.

And it is precisely this brand that the short jeans dress I chose to wear in honor of the good times. I further characterized the 70s look with a hair band, an accessory as beautiful as it is useful, able to keep the hair in order.

Here is a simple but effective combination of my reference to this historical period, characterized by social unrest that has determined the reshaping of the image of women. This revolution has inevitably also reflected in her clothing: the woman has acquired greater self-awareness, starting from then to express herself more freely in fashion and costumes.

The 70s highlighted by the feminine silhouette

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