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Trend N°4 PE2020

High heels have always been, at least for us, a relationship of love and hate!

However fascinating, feminine and irresistible, it is essential to know how to wear them, otherwise the risk is to obtain exactly the opposite effect of the sensuality and security you want to convey. Here is a series of practical tips to face this summer from the height of your style.

1) First of all the password is: keep calm. Do not aspire immediately to a heel 12, but aim for a “friendly” heel, maximum 5/7 cm high.

2) Before showing all your style in public, train at home, possibly in front of a mirror: you will notice all the posture defects to be corrected and above all you will understand when you are ready for the first official outing. Little trick from the catwalk: if your décolleté seems unstable to you, make a slight incision under the sole; you will immediately feel a better grip!

Here are some models of the new collection perfect to begin your workout on heels:

3) Avoid walking like a T-Rex: the head must not move forward off-axis respect to the body. Practice this too!

4) One of the main secrets for walking on heels in a harmonious way is to relax the body, so: shoulders back, belly in, chest out and go, proud like never before! We know that it is certainly easier to say than to do, but results are not achieved without training! The most common mistakes? Knees too bent and legs too stiff: remember that it is not a military march!

5) Attention to the pelvis: avoid swaying excessively, a bit like the models on the catwalk. You will achieve that result, but not immediately!

6) Make sure that the heel is always in a vertical position: it will be your reference to understand if you are working well! The weight of the body must however be distributed precisely: on the toe in the leg that remains firm, on the heel in the leg that moves!

If you follow these simple tips it will be easy for you, as you gain confidence, to raise the height of the heel of your sandal or décolleté more and more. And having said that, never forget, especially on particularly demanding evenings, a pair of spare shoes: they will also be essential for driving, if you have to!

Here there are some models that we are sure will give you the correct motivation for your workout:

Now you just have to choose the model you like more among those on our site and move forward towards your new life on heels!

High heels: which to choose and how to face them to always be… On top!

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