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SoloGrazie Run

Hundreds at the Parco del Cormor for the SoloGrazie Run, the event march in the name of solidarity!

Sunday, May 26, at the Parco del Cormor, the first non-competitive charity event “SoloGrazie Run” was held, open to all: athletes, sportsmen, families, children and teams!

Hundreds took part in the march, which saw the evocative Cormor Park as a point of departure and arrival, divided into 3 routes: that of 4 km around the Park, that of 7 km on urban roads and also usable by people disabled people without a guide, and those from 14 km kilometers, long horse-riding and cycle paths.

At the Park, for the entire duration of the event, there were music with DJ Sets, entertainment and entertainment for all, while starting from 12.30 the awards were held which saw the 5 largest groups and 30 participants rewarded thanks to the contribution of the many sponsors!

The proceeds of the event, net of the sole expenses of the organization, will be entirely donated to the Association “I FormidAbili”, the non-profit organization founded by the Friulian Laura Bassi that promotes the values ​​of integrated sport between athletes and people with disabilities and not and that thanks our support will provide for the purchase of prostheses and wheelchairs for people with disabilities.

A great event, in short, an opportunity for meeting, promotion and solidarity, which we hope will be the first in a long series of “SoloGrazie Run”!

Running for solidarity.

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