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Pantofole che fanno tendenza?

How did the slippers become a trend?

The idea of these boots was born in Australia in the mind of the surfer Shane Stedman who wanted to keep warm his feet after surfing in the ocean!

It seems paradoxical and instead the iconic Uggs were born in the shop of this boy who sold sheepskin shoes but they were not adequate and uncomfortable to walk on the sand, until, during a surf race, thanks to the help of a participant, he did not decide to apply a sole to these boots;

 in 1971, he registered the UGH-BOOTS brand which in 1982 took the name of UGH.

 In 1995 Deckers Outdoor Corp. acquired the rights and the company UGG Australia, founded in the same time to the UGH in 1978 by Brian Smith, for 15 million dollars and for another £ 10,000 to Shane Stedman with the additional commitment to provide him three pairs of Ugg a year for a lifetime.

From that moment on, the UGG brand evolved until it reached a status change in the early 2000s, moving from a niche product to covering a much larger market share, reaching out to the footwear of a certain luxury.



The first UGG were certainly not like those of today, but as time went on, the quality of the sheepskin improved and the requests, thanks to the increasing popularity in the United States, proliferated dramatically.

At this time Ugg boots have become a fashion product and a cultural phenomenon.



The icing on the cake put her Oprah Winfrey who included the UGG boots among “the things I like best” quoting them several times during her special broadcasts dedicated to the holiday season.

We can estimated that one out of two girls in this period has an UGG.

The big movie stars like Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker have been photographed several times with the boots on them combined with all the possible outfits.




In the most disparate colors, from classic beige and brown, to the most extravagant pink and blue, high up to the ankle or up to the knee and so on and so forth, the UGG are the trend and fashion for years now.

These shoes are loved for the soft sheepskin and soft wool lining and thanks above all to their light and flexible sole.

Thanks also to important collaborations such as with Jimmy Choo and Swarovsky, then imaginative models were born, embellished with shimmering jewels or studs that make them unique in its kind.

Now Ugg Australia is no longer reduced to being a brand of boots but represents a real way of life that every year tries to provide its customers with new ways to see the boot trying to add an extra detail that can leave every year to amazing all.

Would you evere put on sheepskin boots in the heat of Australian beaches?

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