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Secrets for a bright skin

This week the Noble Pharmacy reveals the secrets of a luminous skin. Read all their advice and for any further doubt or curiosity do not hesitate to contact them at the numbers you find at the bottom! 🙂


Having a bright skin every day is one of the desires that all women have in common, from teenagers to overweight. Every age has its own peculiarity, but there are tips that can be valid for all.


Intense scrub and moisturizing cream

Scrub helps to remove dead cells, clears pores, reuses the epidermis and reactivates blood circulation. After scrub, always moisturizes the skin: it is a rule to never be transgressed. So choose the morning treatment carefully. If you have dry skin, you need active nutrients and moisturizers. If the skin is fat, apply products with antiseptic and sebum-regulating botanical extracts. Finally, if sensitive, you prefer creams with few ingredients, better if they are soothing and re-epithelizing like ceramides, phospholipids and thermal actives.



Take large amounts of water (at least 8 glasses a day) even in the form of teas and fill up with antioxidants. These include bioflavonoids that counteract free radicals, such as those found in green tea and grape seed extract that contain collagen and resveratrol (which is also found in blueberries) that fight the signs of aging on the skin.


Illuminating cream

After all these tips, if you really want to have a “slow” effect, use an illuminating cream to apply on the face instead of foundation. If the illuminant is in powder it should be applied only after the powder and finally do not forget to make your lips shine. This year do not hesitate to try the shades of bright red. For the finish use a pencil of the same color as your lipstick. The radiant smile is guaranteed!


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From the skincare to the hypervitaminic diet: how to make your skin shine.

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