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Saldi: guida pratica!

Starting Tuesday, January 5, 2019 winter sales began in Italy and, in e-commerce, many items and accessories are already sold out.

And you, have you already been captured by the fever of sales or are you still looking for the right opportunity?


We at Arteni offer you a little survival guide to shopping with sales, to do business that can turn out to be long-term fashion “investments”! Before giving you the most unbridled shopping, check your wardrobe.

Take a look at the garments that you have worn most frequently during these first winter months and evaluate the conditions: if your high-necked camel sweater has become felted, it could be the ideal purchase with discounts.

Arm yourself with paper and pen, even during the year, when you are struggling with your outfits and think that you really need the red jeans you do not have: it’s the right time to buy it!

The aim is in fact to create lists in which to note:

1) the items you absolutely want to buy. You have no idea how much time you save!

2) your budget. It is not necessary to have a particularly high budget, the important thing is to use in the best way what you have available.

The goal is not the largest number of items at the lowest price, but the best garments at the cheapest price. It could be a better purchase a major bag discounted to 50% instead of 10 t-shirt at 10 €, although they seem, at first glance, a loyal booty.

It must be said that the sales are also the right moment to allow yourself a “futile” garment, of those that make us feel satisfied and that we will probably wear once or twice, but we love having there, in the closet and in the eventuality to be able to wear them.  What to buy The advice is to go shopping with ideas already clear: this will help you buy things that are really useful or that you really want. I’m sure that you too have made some impulse purchases during the sales just because a certain item “was cheap”, revealing itself in time completely useless!


Here’s a smart tip for purchases during the sales:

1) Choose passepartout garments, which are timeless at discounted prices. Shirts, jackets, black and white trousers, jeans, tee and basic tank tops, black pumps, little black dress: you will make up your wardrobe with a few tricks and you can boast an enviable style beyond the passing fashions! 

2) Identify the must-have items and accessories for the winter of 2018, to be purchased practically with your eyes closed. Some examples? Let’s go from the soft and cuddly teddy bear coat, a real “must have” that you can not have, to the pleated skirt in sparkling version. And again, the white boots, which this year have literally depopulated, the body turtleneck, the denim shirt and a bag in ladylike leather.

And now … go-ahead for the wildest shopping!

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