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Sales Fever

If you missed some opportunities in the first phase of sales, here is a quick and practical guide to rearrange the ideas and get those models that seasonal trends have identified as MUST HAVE!

With the further decreases of sales, the “rush for the great deal” becomes really tempting, but we are sure that what you are asking yourself is: how can I buy consciously without giving in to unnecessary temptations? What you need is a STRATEGY.

First of all, we recommend you, before visiting Arteni stores or browsing the gallery to give a look at what you really have in your wardrobe. We often forget a few items, so before taking unnecessary duplicates home, take time to rearrange your closet!

The most pleasant thing is to stop and think about what you gave up during the first winter months, because now the right time has come to satisfy some whims, perhaps by buying that coat that you have seen several times on Instagram worn by your favorite influencers!

So here are those season’s must haves that you can now aim for!

1)The camel coat

This is certainly a must-have for the season, but it will become the perfect ally of your future winters too! Mid-thigh, knee, or long? We recommend that you also think about your silhouette and choose the one that best enhances it!

2) High waist jeans

That high waist has reaffirmed itself compared to the low waist is now certain! And if we really want to say it all, fashion sais “high waist and wide leg”! Not surprisingly, already from the previews of the next spring / summer 2020 season we can tell you that jeans will have these shapes. Do you really want to be unprepared?

3) Blazers and jackets

Even the most reluctant among you by now will have succumbed to the charm of blazers, but those who have not yet done so, take a look at our dedicated section! Jackets, double-breasted and masculine or slim fit, will be ideal if matched with high heels. Important note: watch out for proportions! Oversize jackets prefer garments with a more tight fit in the lower part, in order to avoid the “too much” effect.

5) Teddy Bear Coat and faux fur

The trend of ecological furs has accompanied us since last winter and if you have not yet succumbed to the temptation to take refuge in a “teddy bear” we recommend you do it as soon as possible! It will be like a warm embrace even on the coldest winter days! Top if in camel color, but also black, blue, blue, gray or red: they are so versatile that they will immediately win you over!

6) Extra large duvet jackets

There are those who hate them and those who love them, certainly they are the most talked model of the season! After Label proposed them very colorful, Napapijri and Patrizia Pepe in silver color, Woolrich in black. In conclusion? You can’t go wrong: whatever choice you make you will be on the safe side!

7) Leather and eco-leather

It is certainly not new, but if you still don’t have a black jacket in your wardrobe, this is the right time to choose one! And if you have already one black, don’t loose the opportunity of choosing a colored one: over jeans as well as over a dress they will be the solution for all the times you have a doubt about the match to make! Also keep an eye on the long coat and leggings: they are must-haves that will change your look!

8) Maxi sneakers

Now that we got used to sneakers, who’s going to wear heels again ?! Fila dictated the trend immediately, followed by Liu Jo, Alexander Smith, Fabi, Ash, Premiata and Reebok. The real question is: which one will you choose? The total white or the super colored ones?!

What you really need is a strategy!

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