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One Tee One Tree

A capsule collection that immediately caught our attention, coloring our stores with its Masai prints and the original touch of straw envelopes. Immediately we understood that this was a special collection, but only by entering into the merits of the project we were able to grasp the importance and the greatness of these new arrivals.

The collaboration between Pinko and Treedom began in 2018. But what exactly is Treedom?

Treedom is the only website in the world able to give you not only the possibility to plant a tree with a simple click of your mouse, but also to monitor its growth over time online. In short, a real Pinko Forest in Kenya is coming to life, with over 10,000 fruit trees among mango trees, banana trees, macadamia nut trees, African cherry and avocado.

It is no coincidence that the colors used in this season’s t-shirts are those of the Pinko forest, which stylist Stella Jean has interpreted in Masai prints and applications that immediately strike attention. An “ethical” and sustainable fashion, in a constant and concrete commitment also alongside small local artisans, in order to preserve and enhance a wealth of knowledge that risks disappearing. In addition, each t-shirt is made with organic cotton and painted with natural pigments.

To do great things you always have to start with a small step; even to give life to a forest you start planting a single tree!

“One tee, one tree”: a combination of fashion and environmental protection that we are proud to support.

When fashion has a strong environmental and social impact 

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