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Maxi love…Maxi logo

The days are gradually getting longer and I could not wait to go out and get a nice afternoon walk… To Arteni!

My mission: to buy the latest Adidas HU signed by Pharrell Williams. I have chosen them in their black version, but these shoes are available in various color combinations, which are the bearers of cultural diversity with an unmistakable style.

Their design has clearly been inspired by the queens of the tennis courts and is embellished with an original touch: the sole that reveals in its inserts the lines of the reflexology. An invitation to pay attention to what actually our feet represent and the importance of choosing footwear that respect them and make them feel good.

But I did not stop here in my shopping trip.

My attention has been captured by the mania that punctually manifests itself in alternating times: that for the maxi logos. These, after the minimal tradition, return to become big, bold and shameless. Impossible to ignore.

Do you think that these symbols have succeeded in the 80s to represent on their own, if not to show off, the belonging to a privileged elite: the well visible brands were in fact to describe a real status symbol.

Being already at home Adidas, for my look I chose the classic white t-shirt with the black printed logo: a versatile garment that goes well with both sportswear and a beautiful leather jacket. For this outfit I opted for the first version, also because I was attracted by Fila suits. The sweatshirts and sports trousers with side bands that run from the neck to the ankle seemed to belong only to the ’80s, and yet they are back to be desired for the big reunion of the maxi logos. A party in which the dress code does not leave out total sports looks like the suit, now definitively released from the exclusively sporting and welcome context even in everyday life situations.

The bag accessory that enhances the chosen sports context is undoubtedly the backpack: I chose this Love Moschino that respects not only the style but also the three colors that I wanted to limit myself.

I’m done, but now you’re starting to run: you really only lose those who sit and watch.

For the spring summer they come back big, daring, cheeky.

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