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La Fashion Week di Parigi!

“I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.”

These are words by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & The City, and we fully understand her point. We love fashion just as much as she does.

When fashion first makes its entrance in our lives getting rid of it turns out to be very complicated. You can’t wear the first thing that comes to mind when you open your wardrobe, every choice you make rotates around your style. Just like in Carrie’s New York life clothes become our best friends against the dilemmas of our blue days, and a new pair of shoes can be our best chance to turn our day into a positive one. Paying attention to every detail that creates your outfit, making sure that jewelry and accessories perfectly match the sandal’s zip, that the length of your coat adds value to the trousers you picked, and much more: all of this takes place while you’re dealing with the confusion of 7 am, since, of course, if fashion is part of your life you will not even dream to show up at work or at university wearing whatever you happened to stumble into.  

It is, therefore, absolutely crucial to keep up with the new trends, and make sure you have everything you need to pull off the greatest outfit hanging in your closet. For this reason we kept on track with Paris’ haute couture biggest catwalks, and, for you, we gathered as much information as we could for the Fall/Winter season 2018/2019. 

The F/W woman of 2018/2019 is a strong and determined woman. We immediately noticed this at Chanel’s Fashion Show. 


This blue dress enriched by golden details reminds us of the gear of a heroin, a female warrior ready to face all the obstacles she encounters on her path. This attire also shows strength and courage. The gloves and the boots enhance the powerful look, while the split embellishes the forms of the dress. The previews of the collections in our store had already confirmed this: long split dresses will surely play a vital role in our Fall/Winter this year; a successful trend because of the length the dress gives to the figure. 

Among the protagonists of the fashion week we find Alexis Mabille’s tulle, an element also present in Armani PrivèGiambattista Valli and many others. We’ve seen tulle previously in Patrizia Pepe’s summer collection, a light and voluminous material mostly used as an adornment for skirts and dresses, able to add an eccentric and feminine touch to the outfit.

This dress by Giambattista Valli is totally covered in tulle, its fluorescent colour certainly stands out and gives us an important tip: when it comes to colours, DARE.


Animalier prints are a must have for the next season. 

A couple of dresses and a peculiar pair of boots by Alexandre Vauthier confirm the big come back of this trend. The total black look chosen to match the boots allows the leopard print to be the main character of the outfit; also the unusual “baggy” shape is highlighted by the contrast with the black attire. The large tight belt used for the outfit is another super trend, just like the wide v-neck which appears on numerous occasions during Vauthier’s catwalk. 

Schiaparelli makes us dive in the wild as well, and he manages to do so with the help of one of our favorites of the week. The warmth of the colours and the liveliness of the print that covers the entire outfit and also reaches the shoes are both elements that make of Schiaparelli’s look one that captures Paris’ spotlight. The collection is playful and eccentric, and the marvelous masks transform the fashion show into a proper costume party. 

We had already encountered feathers in the last summer collections of Pinko and Patrizia Pepe, however, a huge variety of feathers conquered the catwalks of big luxury brands such as GivenchyArmani PrivèChristian DiorValentino and Giambattista Valli

This wonderful cape by Givenchy matched to a black garment is odd but at the same time very sophisticated. It brings to mind metallic colours and suggests that they might be among the top trends of this year. 

Armani Privè’s mantel, on the other hand, is a more extravagant model, it steals the show and it’s impossible not to notice it while it makes its way through the catwalk with its many shades of pink. 

With the following creation by Christian Dior we see yet another deep v-neck and another tight belt that underlines the silhouette. Shades of sand and naked colours guarantee simplicity and elegance, giving birth to a look typical of fairy tails. 

The gorgeous Kaia Gerber is wearing a Valentino feathered dress. The colour is extremely delicate but its shapes are exuberant because of the big sizes. Valentino’s oversized dress doesn’t show the silhouette of who wears it but this characteristic is balanced by the Bardot neckline that entirely reveals the shoulders and gives femininity to it. 

Giambattista Valli’s coat, covered in green, champagne and black feathers, transmits energy and decisiveness to the spectator. The décolleté shoes chosen to complete the outfit are vivacious and stylishly lock the ankles in a soft embrace. This look reminds us that green continues to find place among the most trendy colors of 2018

Floral prints are back again. This time, however, they are sober and not too colourful. Flowers are paired up with more delicate and romantic shapes, breathtaking for whoever sees them and especially for who wears them. 

Our heart skips a beat when we bump into Alexis Mabille’s creation. The dress is light and celestial, and it kidnaps us with its regal presence. The simplicity of the colours is perfect for the soft heavenly shapes and for the oversize sleeve (another recurring element of our collection previews) which is adorned with lace details.

Stripes are back, and so are lace, naked colours and see-through clothes. In F/W 2018/2019 we find the seriousness of blackwhite and champagne and the radiance of turquoiseelectric pinklilac and many other colours. 

Valentino’s gold is absolutely stunning. The embroidery that entirely covers the dress creates a female warrior look, which is also enriched by the cut-outs on the top that both hide and show the skin that is underneath. 

Instead these two elements of Valentino’s collection add to the golden pattern pink, blue and black. The final result is a glorious and even noble image.

This Fendi fur coat also suggests a majestic look, and the peculiarity that immediately meets the eye is the part that separates the top from the skirt. The softness of the dress and the pink and silver high heel shoe design a chic high-class look. 


Iris Van Herpen’s Haute Couture Collection feels like a sci-fi experience because of the unique shapes able to charm the audience.

Both the total black and the total white outfit by Givenchy stand out during the brands fashion show. The first captures our attention because of its unusual and mysterious forms, while the second one because of its coldness and its unity. The style designed by Givenchy is serious and strict, but has a strong effect on the spectator. 

In this case there are too many feathers…Armani Privè’s outfit might be an exaggeration. The colours and the size are over the top, but, on the other hand, we loved the contrast with the black see-through trousers that make their way out of the feathered coat. 

Last but not least is this costume by Schiaparelli. We’ve seen the colour in almost ever haute couture catwalk during this fashion week; it’s great and impressive, and it definitely steals the scene. The mask used to finish the outfit is in the shape of a butterfly, and may be an attempt to find an equilibrium for the enormous and extremely long dress. 

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Article by Elisabetta Minin

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