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Collagen:why is precious

This week we met Farmacia Nobile Doctor’s and talked about something we really care: our skin. Let’s then discover what Collagen is and how we can use it to prevent aging.

What is collagen?
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, concentrating particularly on bones, tendons, cartilages, skin, membranes and blood vessels. At the skin level, collagen helps to maintain firmness,  and turgidity of the skin, minimizing the presence of wrinkles.


The aging of the skin is a complex phenomenon that involves many external factors, such as exposure to sunlight (photoaging) or particular environmental conditions (eg pollutants, smoke, etc.), and intrinsic, such as the passage of time and the preparation genetics.
Over the years, the amount of collagen generated by our body is greatly reduced. The skin suffers consequences such as wrinkles, dark spots and loss of elasticity.


For this reason, over the years it has been thought to use supplements based on collagen, to improve the synthesis, including cutaneous, thus restoring the appropriate dermatological quality. The efficacy of the integration, especially by the oral route, would have proved useful in reducing skin dryness, improving the degree of hydration and the quality of the dermis, and optimizing the functionality of the cutaneous micro circulation. This is how it was born Idrocollagen, the integrator that thanks to its carefully studied and safe active ingredients, is able to act not only by contrasting the signs of aging, but also by stimulating the endogenous collagen synthesis and further enhancing its effects.
The use of collagen supplements should take place in a broader context, characterized by adequate lifestyle, healthy and balanced diet, proper hydration and appropriate exposure to ultraviolet rays.
Come and discover, on December 8th, all the products and tips illustrated by the Nobile pharmacy, which will be happy to answer all your questions from 10 to 18 in the women’s department of Arteni Tavagnacco.

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It’s time to think about your skin with Farmacia Nobile.

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