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Arteni Cup!

All seasoned with the always welcome charity in favor of LILT, the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer, the social partner of the event. Excellence has won, although the Promotion with the Lombardi network has gone ahead.

A julian afternoon, with Carlevaris and Ianezic (from Trieste, just like Lombardi) who already overturned the score by sending Excellence to rest on the 2-1 advantage.Turning around for exchange and shortly after the half-hour of the second half, it was once again Lombardi’s goal to inflate the opposing goal by signing a draw that seems to direct the outcome of the penalty kicks match. We think, however, Goz at the last round of clock hands to break the balance with the net that delivers the cup in the hands of Captain Arcaba on an afternoon in which, however, they all won.




ECCELLENZA: Ceka (Grubizza), Facca, Colavecchio, Arcaba, Cantarutti (Pramparo), Cottiga (Goz), Leonarduzzi (Possamai), Toso (Zannier), Carlevaris (Alessio), Ianezic, Lucheo (Fiorenzo). All. Sandrin.

PROMOZIONE: Balducci (Ferri), D’Andrea, Clarini (Rausa), Stefanutti (Adamo), Zanet, Allegrini (Quattrone), Francioli, Venaruzzo (Pelos), Lombardi (Milan), Domini (Mocchiutti), Sabidussi. All. Cortiula – Tortolo.

ARBITRO: Nadal di Pordenone (Borea – Lendaro)

MARCATORI: Al 2’ Lombardi, al 33’ Carlevaris, al 40’ Ianezic; nella ripresa, al 33’ Lombardi, al 44’ Goz.

What happened in this wonderful afternoon dedicated to sport

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