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Un nuovo singolo per Ramaz&Lou

The musical duo “Ramaz & Lou” is back on the scene with a very noble initiative that has been appreciated in recent years in the region and not only with different songs, among which the singles stand out: “Vita” ( and “Ferite d’affetto” (

Linked by an indissoluble friendship and the same passion for music, with the new song entitled “Mamma”, the two singers pay tribute to all women, of any ethnicity, social class, race or age who struggle and make sacrifices every day enormous to play their fundamental role as mothers and to be able to grow their children to the fullest, despite the adversities that life constantly presents.

The aim is not to be exclusively to celebrate a holiday like that of the Mamma (Sunday 12 May 2019) to which we are all connected without distinction, but to fight alongside all the female figures (sisters, wives, girlfriends, aunts, grandmothers, grandchildren , cousins) victims of injustices, inequalities and abuses, bringing the delicate issue to the center of the discussion, having the opportunity to donate the proceeds from the sale of the song to one of the associations that deal with these issues.

Here are some images of the video recording:

The two singers are back with a noble cause.

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