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11 April 2021

Si riparte!

Da domani, 12 aprile 2021, i punti vendita Arteni saranno di nuovo aperti al pubblico!

1 March 2021

Festa del papà

Sorprendi il tuo papà con una promozione pensata apposta per te e per lui!

24 January 2020

Blue Monday

You have heard about it on socials and all around… But what’s exactly this Blue Monday? The bad news is that we are talking about the saddest day of the year. The good news? That is over! The psychologist Cliff Arnall, of the University of Cardiff, has decreed that the third Monday of January is […]

17 January 2020

Sales Fever

If you missed some opportunities in the first phase of sales, here is a quick and practical guide to rearrange the ideas and get those models that seasonal trends have identified as MUST HAVE! With the further decreases of sales, the “rush for the great deal” becomes really tempting, but we are sure that what […]

19 July 2019

Un nuovo singolo per Ramaz&Lou

The musical duo “Ramaz & Lou” is back on the scene with a very noble initiative that has been appreciated in recent years in the region and not only with different songs, among which the singles stand out: “Vita” (https://youtu.be/1D-cOAj5TsY) and “Ferite d’affetto” (https://youtu.be/tEQQfG85Gtk). Linked by an indissoluble friendship and the same passion for music, […]

7 June 2019

One Tee One Tree

A capsule collection that immediately caught our attention, coloring our stores with its Masai prints and the original touch of straw envelopes. Immediately we understood that this was a special collection, but only by entering into the merits of the project we were able to grasp the importance and the greatness of these new arrivals. The […]

28 May 2019

Una nuova partnership

Arteni and Lega Dilettanti FVG together for sport.

24 January 2019

Saldi: guida pratica!

Starting Tuesday, January 5, 2019 winter sales began in Italy and, in e-commerce, many items and accessories are already sold out. And you, have you already been captured by the fever of sales or are you still looking for the right opportunity? BEFORE SHOPPING We at Arteni offer you a little survival guide to shopping […]

2 January 2019

La Fashion Week di Parigi!

“I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.” These are words by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & The City, and we fully understand her point. We love fashion just as much as she does. When fashion first makes its entrance in our lives getting rid of it turns out […]

11 December 2018

Desk Day

Yes, you understood correctly! Today, 6 December 2018, is the first National Day of Desk Day! To promote it is Organizzare Italia, an Italian reality dedicated to the training of organizational skills. So we could not do without it… We looked at each other between colleagues and we immediately began to analyze and ironic about […]

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